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#4 - Go Sens Go!

There is no better way to spend Hockey Night in Canada, than with your friends and fam jam at the game! 

All the controversy aside, you're in need of breaking up the monotony of staying in doors this winter, you need to hit up the a Sens game at the Canadian Tire Centre!

2018-01-07 05.14.08 1.jpg

Believe us, take advantage of the many many restaurants Kanata Centrum has to offer. No matter what place you walk into, there's bound to be a sense of Sens pride in the air!  If that doesn't tickle your fancy, hit up Check Point in the Canadian Tire Centre and get your pre-game on.

Tickets range from "I like sports"  to "I'm practically an honorary member". AKA - Tickets range from 35$ to 150$ plus.


No need to flip a coin for who has to drive! If 30$ parking is a little to steep, jump on the OC transpo at your local park n' ride!

What better way to survive the Arctic surge than to spend an evening cheering the Ottawa Senators?!