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Creos - Workbook

Some selected accolades.


Brands and Websites

Please note that many of these sites are now independently managed and may look or work differently than how they were originally designed.


This City is an Ottawa Lifestyle Brand that we worked with closely to develop an entire brand, website and logo for.  It is a bold piece with strong deep blues that communicate a depth and clarity.  Visit their website to see more.


Atego Apparel is an local Ottawa clothing brand that we worked with to develop a website and online store. Visit their website to see more.


Woodvale is a large and diverse church in Ottawa, Ontario. While maintaining their brand, we developed a new website that was clear and interactive.  Take a look at it.

Promotional Pieces

Take a look at some smaller promotional pieces.  These projects were usually designed for digital viewing or small print. Additionally, some content may have been made in cooperation with others.


We love making videos that communicate your brand or event.  Check out some of our selected work by Jacob Pacaud.

Murals and Freelance Painting

Nothing compares to freehand painting to bring a space to life.

Please note that all material above is copyrighted and subject to copyright law.  These materials may not be duplicated, modified or distributed without written consent from the designer or Creos Designs and Consulting.